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63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)

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(SKU: 14004)

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Product Number: 14004


* Picture shows optional Rollover Vent and Sending unit Installed

*Please Note: This product is in-stock but may take up to 5 days for shipment.

Tank Dimensions: 26.5 x 19 x 10
Tank Material: .125 Aluminum
- CNC Machined Non Vented / Threaded Cap.
1/2" NPT Vent
3/8" NPT Return
#6 ORB Female Pump Outlet
2 Baffles
In-Tank Aeromotive Stealth 340 Pump
Approx 19 Gallons

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  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)
  • 63-72 EFI Stealth (Bed Fill)

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(SKU: 14004)
Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How Far down are the mounting tabs?
A: 3" down from the top of the tank

Q: How Tall is the fill neck?
A: The fill neck with cap is approx 3" tall. 
Q: Will the fill cap stick through my bed floor?
A: No, when the tank is mounted to the bottom of the frame rails as intended the fill cap will be right below the bed floor. you will need to purchase or fabricate an access door big enough for your hand to reach through and remove the cap to fill the tank.

Q: What do i get if i choose the Flush Floor Fill?
A: If you choose the Flush Floor Fill when purchasing the tank then we will automatically remove the threaded cap and neck and replace it with a 2" Ribbed Barb that sticks up roughly 1.25" to connect directly to the Flush Floor Fill.

Q: Are there Baffles in the Tank?
A: Yes, There are 3 baffles in the tank.

Q: What is the Roll Over Safety Vent? Do i need it?
A: The Rollover Safety Vent is a simple ball check valve device that will allow the tank to vent when in the normal operating position. In the event of an accident causing a rollover the ball will drop and block off the vent port so that fuel does not leak out. For safety I would always recommend purchasing the Rollover Safety vent option.

Q: Will this tank fit my 63-66?
A: Yes, the 63-66 utilizes the same framerails. Many customers have sucessfully used this tank for those year ranges.

Q: I have a Blazer, can i use this tank?
A: Many customers have sucessfully installed the side fill tank into their blazers however, i am unsure of the scope of work to make it happen.

Q:  Can i purchase only the hanger bracket and install my own pump?
A:  No, our bracket assemblies are not availible to purchase seperate without pumps installed.

Q:  Do you sell the parts to fabricate my own hanger assembly?
A:  No, these parts are not availible for individual purchase.

SKU 14004

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